The Therapist Boutique

About Us

I believe we do our best work as therapists when we feel confident and can express our identities as therapists and humans!

It began with the idea of The Whole Therapist.

I started by creating The Whole Therapist Community as a Facebook group to help therapists deal with the unique issues we face in work and life.  It’s a place where therapists can be seen, heard and accepted. After all, we hold this space for our clients, but who holds it for you?

Then when the pandemic hit in March 2020, and so many of us transitioned to telehealth, I saw the need to feel comfortable and look professional while working from home. That’s when I launched my idea for a boutique that catered to therapists and social workers who want to upgrade their Zoom wardrobes! But why stop there?

I’ve always been a firm believer in the importance of our identity as therapists and sharing our humanity with the world. But self-expression can be hard for us, and sometimes our clothing can help us do this. So I added the line of graphic tees that give voice to who we are and what we do!

I hope you find something you like here that makes you feel confident and reminds you of the amazing therapist human being that you are!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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